Edgar Perez
Keynote Speaker, Futurist and Author
Seth Godin
Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur & Agent of Change
Scott Bales
Global Leader on Innovation, Trends, Design and Mobility
Robin Sharma
Celebrated Leadership Expert & Advisor to Business Titans & Humanitarian
Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Founder of the Grameen Bank and Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize
Martin Wezowski
SAP's Chief Designer & Chief Innovation Officer
Cuneyt Yavuz
CEO of Mavi
Cem Kozlu
Business Leader, Consultant, Author
Pinar Eczacibasi
Managing Partner, GP-Trust Financial Management and Advisory Services
Hernando De Soto
Authority on Western and Third World Economies
Steve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple Computer
Bjorn Lomborg
Author and Leading Expert on Global Sustainability
Vito Di Bari
One of Europe's Acknowledged Futurists&Renowned Authority on Innovation
Herminia Iberra
Expert on Leadership Development
Florance Eid
Founder & CEO of Arabia Monitor
Christiana Figueres
Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Anil Gupta
A Leading Expert on Strategy, Globalisation and Emerging Markets
Robin Sieger
Top Motivational Business Speaker and Best Selling Author
Linda Rottenberg
Co-founder & CEO, Endeavor Global
Rita Gunther McGrath
Expert on Strategy in Uncertain and Volatile Environments