Future, Trends

Future, Trends
Esen Girit Tumer
AI, Metaverse & New Technologies Expert, Entrepreneur
Catherine Allen
BAFTA Winner, CEO of VR/AR Consultancy at Limina Immersive
Richard van Hooijdonk
Trendwatcher & Futurist
Evo Heyning
Metaverse Media, Creative Executive Producer
Evelyn Mora
Inventor of the Village Protocol Social Blockchain User Interface (UI)
Cathy Hackl
Futurist, Top Tech Voice on LinkedIn & VR AR Thought Leader
Kate Ancketill
CEO & Founder of GDR Creative Intelligence
Andreas Ekström
Futurist and Commentator on the Digital Revolution
Scott Bales
Global Leader on Innovation, Trends, Design and Mobility
Martin Wezowski
SAP's Chief Designer & Chief Innovation Officer
Howard Yu
LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation
Mehmet Nane
Vice Chairperson & Managing Director at Pegasus
Fatih Oktay
China - Researcher, Educator, and Author
Jeremy Gutsche
Innovation Expert, Management Consultant, Founder & CEO of TrendHunter.com
Bjorn Lomborg
Author and Leading Expert on Global Sustainability
Vito Di Bari
One of Europe's Acknowledged Futurists&Renowned Authority on Innovation
Esther Dyson
Technology and Business Visionary
William Higham
Consumer Strategist, Futurist, & Founder of the Next Big Thing
Timothy Garton Ash
Author and Acclaimed Contemporary Historian
Thomas Frey
Futurist Speaker