Future, Trends

Future, Trends
Andreas Ekström
Futurist and Commentator on the Digital Revolution
Scott Bales
Global Leader on Innovation, Trends, Design and Mobility
Martin Wezowski
SAP's Chief Designer & Chief Innovation Officer
Howard Yu
LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation
Mehmet Nane
General Manager of Pegasus Airlines
Jeremy Gutsche
Innovation Expert, Management Consultant, Founder & CEO of TrendHunter.com
Bjorn Lomborg
Author and Leading Expert on Global Sustainability
Vito Di Bari
One of Europe's Acknowledged Futurists&Renowned Authority on Innovation
Esther Dyson
Technology and Business Visionary
William Higham
Consumer Strategist, Futurist, & Founder of the Next Big Thing
Timothy Garton Ash
Author and Acclaimed Contemporary Historian
Thomas Frey
Futurist Speaker
Stefan Hyttfors
Acclaimed Futurist and Change Agent
James Canton
Business and Technology Futurist
Hug Herr
Biomechanics Pioneer
Hannah Fry
Mathematician & Science Presenter
Hamish McRae
Prominent Economist and Futurist
Gregory Stock
One of the World's Leading Authorities on Genomics and Biotech
Gerd Leonhard
CEO of the Futures Agency
Erik Brynjolfsson
Leading Authority on the Economics of IT