Leadership, Strategy

Leadership, Strategy
Seth Godin
Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur & Agent of Change
Robin Sharma
Celebrated Leadership Expert & Advisor to Business Titans & Humanitarian
Matteo Renzi
Former Italian Prime Minister
Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Founder of the Grameen Bank and Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize
Duncan Wardle
Former Vice President, Creative Inc. Walt Disney
Howard Yu
LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation
Serif Kaynar
Honorary Chairman, Korn Ferry Turkey
Serhat Tatli
Doctor of Change, Global Consultant
Ovul Sezer
Behavioral Scientist, Academician
Mehmet Nane
General Manager of Pegasus Airlines
Kubilay QB Tuncer
Actor, Magician, Scenarist
Isin Celebi
Economist, Business-Management Strategist, Politician
Gamze Hakli Geray
HR Consultant, Counsellor, Author, Moderator
Cuneyt Yavuz
CEO of Mavi
Cem Mansur
Cem Kozlu
Business Leader, Consultant, Author
Can Selcuki
General Manager & Board Member at Istanbul Economics Research
Bob Lee
Author/ Professional Speaker/ Workplace Culture Advisor
Sir Richard Shirreff
Former Nato Commander, UK Military Chief
James Kynge
Bestselling Author on China