Edgar Perez
Keynote Speaker, Futurist and Author
Scott Bales
Global Leader on Innovation, Trends, Design and Mobility
Martin Wezowski
SAP's Chief Designer & Chief Innovation Officer
Mehmet Nane
General Manager of Pegasus Airlines
Baris Sarialioglu
IT Consultant, Trainer
Timur Topalgoekceli
Energy Economist, Entrepreneur
Andrew McAfee
Researcher, Writer and MIT Scientist
Jim Norton
Former Executive Chairman of Deutsche Telekom UK
Esther Dyson
Technology and Business Visionary
Ben Hammersley
Futurist, Scientist, Author
Vijay Govindarajan
Internationally Renowned Authority on Innovation and Strategy
Thomas Frey
Futurist Speaker
Susan Greenfield
Expert on the Human Mind and Renowned Brain Researcher
Stephane Garelli
Professor Emeritus at IMD Business School & University of Lausanne
Stefan Hyttfors
Acclaimed Futurist and Change Agent
James Canton
Business and Technology Futurist
Hug Herr
Biomechanics Pioneer
Hannah Fry
Mathematician & Science Presenter
Guy Kawasaki
Leading Expert on New Technologies
Gregory Stock
One of the World's Leading Authorities on Genomics and Biotech